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Joshua Kors Esq.

Joshua Kors is a family law attorney and a passionate advocate for parents facing the daunting challenges of divorce.

Before joining the Roven Law Group, he served as an associate at Spodek Law Group, a family law firm in downtown Manhattan.  He represents parents in New York Supreme Court and Family Court in all five boroughs and Long Island, securing custody, visitation, child support, maintenance, and the equitable distribution of marital assets.  He is also an experienced advocate in family offense and neglect cases.

Kors speaks fluent Spanish and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

Before moving to New York, he lived in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked at the Vanderbilt Family Law Clinic, representing victims of domestic violence in Tennessee Family Court.

Kors has a J.D. from Vanderbilt Law School, a master’s from Columbia University, and graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, where he served as a Rugg & Porter Legal Fellow.

He co-authors “Recent Decisions,” an ongoing column in the New York State Bar Association’s Family Law Review, with family law attorney Wendy Samuelson.  The column explores recent legislation, court decisions and trends in matrimonial law.

Before becoming a family law attorney, Kors worked as an investigative reporter covering legal issues.  His writing about the law has been honored by the American Bar Association and Harvard University, and he is the winner of numerous awards, including the National Magazine Award, Polk Award, and the Casey Medal.

Kors has been interviewed on CNN, PBS, BBC, NPR and Washington Post Radio, and his legal reporting was featured on ABC News’ “Nightline,” part of a series on the struggles of military families, which won the Peabody Award.

He has testified before Congress three times and lectured about the law at Harvard, U.C. Berkeley, Wesleyan, and Vanderbilt University.  He delivered a TED talk about the extraordinary legal challenges facing our military families, and he serves on the Board of Directors of Disposable Warriors, a nonprofit that provides services to military families.