Five Courtroom Tips

When going to Court, assume that the Court, or Judge, who will be making the final decision in your case, observes everything. With this in mind, act appropriately.

1) Dress appropriately. You will be in a Court room, not a beach, ski slop, or night club. No shorts. No T-shirts. If you don’t know what to wear, ask your lawyer.

2) No raised voices. If it is acrimonious between you and your ex, do not show it in Court. Absolutely no yelling.

3) No hitting. No matter how angry the process or your ex gets you, do not lift a hand or even get close to this type of behavior.

4) Be respectful of the process. When the Judge enters, stand. Ask your lawyer what to expect and if the Judge has any particular quirks regarding the process.

5) Let your lawyer do the talking. When the Judge is addressing the parties, allow your lawyer to speak on your behalf. Do not call out and answer the question unless specifically directed to do so.