Prenups: What To Do Before Saying "I Do"

Prenuptial agreements are important for many couples. Make sure you know what questions to ask a trusted attorney before you tie the knot.

Top Ten Prenuptial Questions

1) How long before the wedding does it have to be signed?
2) Should my fiancé and I have different attorneys?
3) What if I do not like the provisions?
4) Can a prenup have an affect on child support?
5) If my fiancé and I just write some agreement on a piece of paper and we each sign it is that the equivalent of a prenup?
6) Can I change the terms of the prenup as our marriage goes on?
7) How much money do we have to have to make a prenup worth while?
8) My husband’s family wants us to have a prenup, but I don’t want to sign it. Now what?
9) My fiancé and I already have a child, does that affect the terms of the prenup?
10) I signed the prenup in tears a week before the wedding. Is it enforceable?

If you’re thinking about a prenuptial agreement, call Janice Roven. She has the knowledge and experience to address any of your concerns.